Fanrui Sun
Collection 2023
Connecting nature, humanity and the non-human, Morphologies merges organic forms with architectural materiality.
About MorphologiesInspired by ultramodern aesthetics, Morphologies is the inaugural collection from Sunw from designer Fanrui Sun. Pushing the boundaries of fabric in spatial environments,the name is taken from morphology, the study of organic structures. Sun’s work challenges conventional notions of the body and gender identify, forging a new symbiotic ‘ecology’ connecting nature, humanity and the non-human—the body as landscape.

The collection is rendered in a chrome palette with futurist, mechanical elements. Soft, natural forms merge with architectural materiality, creating a powerful tension carried across each piece.
Semitotica0.15 ETH
Mettals0.65 ETH - Starting Price
Chrome Royal0.15 ETH